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About us

Hey there, we're JuJuni, a family ran brand fueled by the adventures of childhood, led by Alice, a mom of three.

We're all about quality over quantity. That's why we meticulously craft every piece to order in our very own UK micro-factory. We create top-notch hand-me-downs, not stuff that's just headed for the landfill. Our kidswear is made to stand the test of time, ready to be passed down to siblings, cousins, or friends for generations of fun!

We totally get it – kids grow quick, and finding the right clothes can be like piecing together a puzzle. So, we've rolled up our sleeves, let our creativity flow, and designed kidswear that grows with your little ones. Our mission is simple: make clothes that last, ensuring our customers get the best bang for their buck.

And, when it comes to our gear, it's all about ethics and eco-friendliness. We're make our clothing here in the UK and are committed to using organic materials whenever we can. We've poured heaps of thought, time, and effort into JuJuni, and we're over the moon grateful for each and every one of you for your support!