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Article: How to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids

How to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids
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How to create a capsule wardrobe for your kids

Keeping our kid’s clothed has become a minefield - endless shopping, returning, exchanging, washing, folding… Only for us to end up dressing our children in pretty much the same thing each day anyway!

Every season we seem to have to start from scratch, with ever growing little ones and differing sizes in every brand.

Why choose a capsule wardrobe?

We decided to write this blog to try and make shopping for your kids enjoyable again. A capsule wardrobe is not only great for us adults, but adding some simplicity to your children’s wardrobe is only going to make your life easier.

You’re likely to not only find shopping for them easier, but also cheaper in the long run. Fewer pieces of clothing makes deciding what to dress your child in so much less time consuming, not to mention the washing pile will be much, much less daunting!

Choose items that will mix and match

The trick to a capsule wardrobe is making sure all of the items you choose work with each other, so choosing items that are complimentary in style and colour is the key.

Pick tops and bottoms which can be easily mixed and matched, meaning your child will always look like they have a new outfit on despite having a small number of pieces. This also means you can add some fun for your kids when getting dressed - if everything is complimentary you can let them choose their own outfits and not run the risk of them looking like they have run through a children’s clothing hurricane.

Choose quality over quantity

As we all know, kids run, jump, climb and play a lot! We need to make sure the items we choose are going to last, as less clothing means they will be put through the ringer a bit more, washed more and worn more. As long as the items you choose are made from good quality materials, this should never be a problem. The design of our dungarees has quality at the forefront exactly for this reason.

So what do you need for a kids capsule wardrobe? 

We recommend 12-14 items of every day wear. We know this doesn’t sound a lot, but by switching to a daily laundry habit rather than letting that washing pile grow not only takes you less time (all that collecting, washing loads, drying, ironing, folding in one go is enough to make anyone tear their hair out) but also means everything is clean every day. You also spend much less on clothing, and have much less clothing clutter too.

The simple capsule wardrobe we try to stick to at JuJuni is the following:

  • 6 tops
  • 3 bottoms
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 2 pairs of dungarees

Why choose JuJuni?

JuJuni dungarees are a brilliant addition to a capsule wardrobe. Their longevity and ability to look brand new after a wash was so important to us when we were developing our design. Our T-shirts are also a beautiful quality, using organic cotton for a super soft, super hardwearing tee. 

Which other sustainable brands are out there?

There are lots of other brands that we love to mix and match with our JuJuni pieces, and here are our top 4.

  1. Frugi

    Frugi was founded in 2004, and was originally called ‘Cut4Cloth’. The brand was initially created as an answer to the founder’s struggle to find clothing to fit over their son’s cloth nappies. Their mission was to show the world that you can start a great brand whilst still upholding strong ethical and environmental values.

    They specialise in beautiful organic cotton clothing with the most amazing colours and patterns. All of their clothing is chemical free, helping to stop irritation even to the most eczema prone skin.

  2. DUNS

    DUNS Sweden are the print masters of children’s clothing. Founded in 2007, their focus has always been to provide colourful, unisex kids wear made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

    The designs are bright, bold and perfect for layering under your JuJuni dungarees.

  3. Mini Rodini

    Mini Rodini is a Swedish childrenswear brand founded in 2006 by llustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible. Mini Rodini takes children seriously with playfulness, meaning it is important that children too have clothes that match their own personality, mood and creativity.

    Made from sustainable materials, Mini Rodini is for newborn, babies and kids in ages 0-11 years old. They offer jackets, dresses, unique accessories, cozy sweat sets and much more in seasonal prints and colours. 

  4. Little Green Radicals

    Little Green Radicals was founded in 2005 with an idea to make beautiful children’s clothing that was also made the right way. With a huge focus on the environment and ethical production, all of their clothing is Fairtrade and organic.

    As well as their classic organic cotton tees, they offer incredible layering pieces like check shirts, sherpa lined jackets and adorable knitwear for your kids.

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