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Article: The Highs and Lows of Making Perfect Organic Dungarees for Kids

The Highs and Lows of Making Perfect Organic Dungarees for Kids

The Highs and Lows of Making Perfect Organic Dungarees for Kids


JuJuni has only ever been about making one thing: the perfect pair of organic dungarees for kids.

Dungarees are classic kidswear. Kids can climb in them, explore and have adventures or chill out for a nap. To us they’re versatility, practicality and cool, all rolled into one.

But it wasn’t just about making dungarees. We were determined to make the best dungarees and concentrate solely on doing it. We were going to be good at making just one thing, not average at making lots of things.

The fit would have to be perfect and the fabric, well the fabric would have to be everything.

This is the story of how we sourced beautiful needlecord to make the perfect pair of organic dungarees for kids.

Organic needlecord or nothing

When we thought back to the things we’d done as kids, there could only be one fabric to make our dungarees in and that was needlecord.

Still, as it turns out, while there’s loads of really nice needlecord out there, organic needlecord is pretty hard to find. After weeks of searching and ringing fabric manufacturers we weren’t coming up with the goods.

Production was delayed and we were feeling pretty low. With heavy hearts we started to consider other options with our darkest hour coming just before the dawn.

Just as we were on the verge of giving up, a German cord manufacturer got back to us. They had it. Organic needlecord was going to be ours.

The Brand is the Brand

After the joy of finding our supplier, the next hitch wasn’t far behind. The manufacturer’s colours were just a bit dull and boring. They didn’t match the colourful, playful spirit of Jujuni and, well, the brand is the brand.

With these colours it wasn’t going to work, but there was no way we were giving up now.

Several negotiations later we agreed we would choose our own colours, dyed to whatever spec we liked. Great result!

We also found out that bespoke colours was going to mean a minimum order for MUCH more than we’d hoped. Not such a great result.

We decided the gamble was worth it. We were all in. If we were doing this, we were doing it right. We made the call and placed the order.

Organic Dungarees, Made With Perseverance

After all that, our first run of organic dungarees for kids went into production and we were delighted with the result.

Of course, we could have done it cheaper. We could have done it faster. We could have cut some corners and made life easier for ourselves. Instead we stuck to what we imagined our dungarees would be like and the final product turned out to be exactly that.

Is our struggle to make the best dungarees a metaphor for life? We think it might be. Do things properly and find a little bit of perseverance stitched into every pair.

Head over to to shop the collection. 

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